2022 Calendars

We all know than when you learn a language in school, you are learning more than one subject. You are learning history, geography, music, art, religion, politics, literature and so much more! Another language takes you to the next level, whatever you are interested in. With that in mind and in order to improve the cultural capital of our students, last year we compiled a calendar for Year 7 so students could learn a word a day and learn about different countries, cultures and traditions.

Each month they ‘visited’ a different Spanish-speaking country and had monthly challenges for them to complete. Some of the challenges were tongue twisters, recipes and they also included some research so they could find some facts for themselves. We also added some employability skills to try to find a way to interleave these into our lessons regularly. The year 7 students loved them and we were regularly emailed photos of all the challenges they completed. We have decided to do an updated version for the new Year 7 students and also a NEW calendar for GCSE students, with a similar structure.

The GCSE is on Hispanic famous people and it also includes challenges in the same way as the Year 7 one. We look forward to launching it with all students when we get back to school.

You can read the original post on Cultural Capital here.

Download the Year 7 calendar

Download the GCSE calendar

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